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City Railway Hanover - Developer infra

The infra - Society for infrastructure in Hanover Region GmbH - pursues the accessible upgrading of its railway system with a lot of effort. At the stop Saarbrückener Straße now ILIS tactile plans complement the concept.

Integrative Guidance & Information Systems

We welcome you:

at your destination: On our web pages we show you how to lead the way with pioneering technology in public buildings and spaces. As a leading provider of integrative guidance and information systems with accessibility at their core, we have been ensuring targeted mobility and social encounters for many years. We help bring people together and create equal opportunity.

Follow us to the ILIS principle, to high-quality technology, state-of-the-art products, and international references. We are happy that you have found us.

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February 2016New building Dusseldorf

This building was developed keeping total accessibility in focus. A social centre for integration, consultation and coordination. Our floor marking helps people with and without physical constraint t